Jakob Pfaeffli - CIVIL ENGINEER

For any business in need of accurate and well presented drawings in all fields of drafting, especially in work related to surveying including survey plans and boundary work as well as house and building designs there are few better than CJD Drafting & Design - especially Chris.

Anybody who comes to him with drafting work will quickly find out that his technical competence and mastery of CAD software is at a level that will satisfy even demanding customers.


I have used the services of Chris Darlington for drafting survey and detail plans for over 5 years. The product is always of the highest quality and has a quick turnaround time.

Chris has a great understanding of what is required to be shown on survey plans and I have no trouble referring his services to any other surveyor.


With experiencing first hand the high quality, accurate and support given from CJD Drafting & Design they are a small firm that can handle even the hard to do drafting jobs. My experience with dealing especially with its founder/owner Chris, I can say with confidence that you will be happy with the results you receive. Over many years he has provided time and time again a product that I know is exact what I was wanting.